Calming an Anxious Child At The Dentist

Calming an Anxious Child At The Dentist

Pediatric dentists have special training in methods to help calming an anxious child at the dentist.

In our office, Dr. Erica primarily uses the “Tell-Show-Do” technique:

  • first name a dental instrument
  • demonstrate the instrument by using it to count your child’s fingers or showing in a dental children’s book
  • apply the instrument in treatment.

We coach, distract, and encourage parent participation throughout all appointments.  Of course, constant positive reinforcement is used to praise each child for good behavior.

Dr. Erica will also use Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to help children relax and have a better experience in the dental office.

At times, when anxiety or the need for treatment is severe, general anesthesia may be the best approach for the most effective and positive outcome.

Our staff has chosen to work with children as they love kids, and work very hard to develop their confidence during dental visits. Sometimes firm speech or gentle restraint is necessary to calm a child’s behavior in order to protect them from possible dangers during a dental visit.

We have unending patience and understand each child is unique